Ceiling Tiles
Crown Moldings
Instructions.Things You'll Need:
Tape measure
Tin snips
Miter box

1. Lay the section of tin molding on a flat surface and place a tape measure on it to determine the location where it needs to be cut to fit the wall.

2. Draw a line along the tape measure using a pencil to designate the cut line.

3. Pick up a pair of tin snips, which look like bolt cutters. Open the blades and insert the tin molding into the tin snips lining up the pencil line with the blades of the snips.

4. Press the handles of the tin snips together to cut through the tin molding, just as if you were using scissors. Continue the cutting process until you have cut all the way through the tin molding.

5. To cut miter cuts on the tin molding, such as for a corner, place the molding inside a miter box. Draw a line on the tin with the pencil while it is in the miter box to designate the proper 45-degree angle. Remove the tin and cut along the pencil line with the tin snips..
Crown Moldings, Cornices, Grider Molding finish the outer perimeter of your tin ceilings.
C103 Crown Installation
Nailing up
C103 Crown Installation, inside corners.
C103 Crown Installation, outside corners.
C101 Inside Mitre
C101 Outside Mitre
C103 Outside Mitre
 Inside Mitre
Any steel material should be coated with an oil-based product
for protection and best results.

If you choose to paint your metal ceiling, be sure you use an oil-based primer and paint as the steel will rust if a water based product is used. Unfinished steel must be cleaned with wax and grease cleaner before painting. Use care not to scratch pre-painted finishes when nailing up ceiling.
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